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“Eirinn’s patience, understanding and clear questioning enabled me to reflect on the positive victories of life’s greatest challenge without having to relive the trauma or share the details.  She has an incredible skill with balancing when to push and when to listen, sometimes to silence.  I am so fortunate to have found Eirinn at the moment when I needed to reconstruct my life.  I couldn’t have done it without the guidance and confident approach she took to my fitness plan and the caring and positive questioning she presented when I doubted my abilities to rebuild my career.”

 L.W.  UpKili Champion, Everest Basecamp climber, Breast Cancer Survivor.

“A few months after a significant promotion in my career, I was diagnosed with cancer and required to take an extended medical leave.  Returning to work after a full year of medical treatment was stressful both physically and psychologically, but I was so fortunate to find Eirinn.  Eirinn worked with me to help me identify the stress inducers and negative behaviours that were contributing to my anxiety around going back to work.  We identified goals and strategies to learn new positive behaviours, and Eirinn coached me through practice sessions until I could do them on my own.  Eirinn also gave me a toolkit of exercises to calm and focus my mind when I was feeling overwhelmed.  As a result, I returned to work with confidence and calm, able to hit the ground running at a high performance level.  I continue to draw upon the techniques Eirinn taught me when a tough situation arises."  

"Eirinn has an amazing ability to zone in on the obstacles holding you back and to empower you to take charge of your action plan in a positive, encouraging style.  Her coaching really gets results.  I would absolutely recommend Eirinn to anyone working through a challenging time, or just looking to kick start their own action plan to get to their next personal best.” 

 -          D.D., November 2017