2-3hour topic workshops have been a great addition to social groups/clubs as a dynamic change-up to they typical wine & cheese!  Ladies night with a skill development workshop is a hit!​

Topic Workshops​

The goal of topic workshops is to provide education on key concepts as well as critical tools to support action.  A workshop setting challenges participants with exercises requiring immediate application of concepts and tools.  Workshop exercises can be tailored specifically for the target audience or standardized to provide a broader opportunity for participants.

Most Frequently Requested Topic Workshops Include:

  • Strategic Goal Setting (Personal & Corporate)
  • Personal Motivation that Sticks
  • Perspective Adjustments
  • Selling: Services and Products
  • Confidence (Personal & Professional)
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Visualization Training for Better Results
  • Relationship Management & Enhancement
  • Long Term Client Engagement
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Kickstart for busy people

Topic workshops can be scheduled individually for groups of any size.  Multiple topics can be combined to build a customized workshop for personal or professional development.  One day and multi-day workshops can be delivered to meet individual client needs.

Corporate engagement

Corporate engagement sessions create an opportunity to support company associates both in and out of the workplace.  Providing opportunties to develop skills to manage current and upcoming challenges and changes within the organization can be a key tool in enhancing engagement and performance of your team.

Most Commonly Requested Corporate Services Include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Change Management Support & Skill Development
  • Leadership Skill Training
  • Communication Enhancement
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Accountability Training 

Corporate skills and engagement coaching can be completed with associates 1:1 with a common goal across the organizaton or can be delivered in group settings to enhance cohesion, accountability and company culture.

Skills Development Series can also be created to create more complete toolboxes for employees at all levels.  Set up a series on a drop-in basis for your entire team or assign specific series topics to individual team members who most need to attend.

Whatever your needs are, let's discuss to tailor the best program for your organization's success.

Keynote presentations

Big or small, any group can benefit from an educational and motivational presentation.  My goal in every keynote is to connect education with personal and organizational needs and ensure that a broad range of tools is provided for reflection, assessment and action.  

Some of my Most Popular Topics Include:

  • The Importance of Doing Difficult Things on Purpose.  Preparing for real life challenges by intentionally practicing at your edges.
  • Exploring Your Impact.  Understanding how your goals impact those who matter most to you!
  • I Can Help.  Selling face to face services in an online digital world.
  • What About Me? Learning to put yourself first (so that you can put others first).
  • Me First!  How to advocate for your own health and wellness in today's high demand world while enhancing your productivity and success.
    • This topic is a corporate HR favourite leaving employees feeling empowered to take control of their personal needs, work/life balance and secure a better relationship with high-demand work environments.  Fewer sick days and higher engagement, accountability and productivity can be expected from attendees at this presentation!

Keynotes and Public Speaking engagements can be tailored to deliver to the needs of the audience. 

With a broad scope of corporate training skills, motivation and success psychology, health and wellness expertise as well as relationship and communication management, anything is possible.  Let's talk about what your audience needs and tailor the right presentation for you.